Web design tips to help your website pull it's weight


You were promised that the internet would become an asset to your small business. It was going to save you time, handle your customer relations better and sell your products faster. But now it seems like you spend too many hours each week on a website that isn’t pulling its weight. Here are a few website design tips you can put your website to work for you (instead of the other way around)

Design a website that is a centralized info hub. 

Do you seem to get the same email every week asking the same questions? Sounds like your website isn’t giving your customers the information they need. And worse than that, you might be missing emails from potential customers who can’t figure out how to contact you. A well designed contact page and a frequently asked question (FAQs) section can save you from repeating yourself every other day. And if performing properly your customer will be aware of the scope of your product or service before you even chat, shortening the onboarding process.

Design a website that does your booking or scheduling for you. 

Rather than going back and forth lining up your schedule with your customers, find a software that will do it for you. You set your available times, your customer picks a slot, and you’ve just saved yourself time that can be spent doing what you do (or spending some time out of the office). As seen on the 3 of Hounds website, a smooth booking process can greatly reduce a websites bounce rate. 

"A website can be like an attic that never fills up.
Space is not the problem. Attention is.”
- Gerry McGovern
Web Consultant

Design a website that does good research.

Setting up analytics on a website can be a simple task that provides your business with invaluable information about who is seeing your online presence, and who isn’t. Take that information and restructure your brand to appeal to your existing audience, or use it as an opportunity to find a way to reach the audience you really want. We’ll give you the numbers, you can decide how to use them. 

Web Design Tip: E-commerce can be a great source of passive income
E-Commerce can be a great passive income generator for your business.

Design a website that sells sh*t while you sleep. 

This list is by no means the limit, if your business has a need there is likely a way to have your website chip in. If you have an idea, or just want your website to start pulling its weight, contact us for a free web audit.

With our evil overlords at Amazon shutting down every brick and mortar out there (RIP bed bath and beyond) it should not be a surprise that e-commerce has become the go to business model for retail. Cut out the middleman, rent, operating expenses, property insurance, and salaries. With the right strategy your shop won't be just 9-5, it will sell your products while you’re sleeping.