What started as concept meetings over beers in a garage ended up as one of Calgary's most popular bars. Whiskey Rose Saloon was a truly holistic project. From the logo and branding to the iconic neon sign that illuminates 17th ave, oneFortyFive wore a lot of hats throughout this venues development. 

creative direction

Designing an identity for a new country bar in Cowtown is a tall order. For inspiration the project leans into the nostalgia of country music - drinking a bottle on the back of a tailgate, the feeling of seeing your favourite artists under the big sky. Just as a polaroid captures these moments in your pocket, polaroid imagery is woven throughout the brand and space.


With a nod to our favourite dive bars, neon signs play a big roll in the vibe of the interior and exterior of Whiskey Rose.  


Graphic designers are poster nerds, this is a fact. For this reason working with a venue like Whiskey Rose is a dream come true. Through incorporation of torn paper, sticker, polaroid, and other elements a common aesthetic ties the posters with a common look, while also responding to the various events hosted. 

the rest

...and here is a bunch of other stuff we have worked with Whiskey Rose on.