Should your small business use an external design agency?



Ok big shock from the guy who works for a design company. But give me a few minutes to let you know where we're coming from. 

So you started your small business. Now on top of the product or service you provide you have also become an accountant, head of HR, your own marketing department, a social media manager, on top of whatever else comes up. Here are a few ways working with our graphic design and web design experts will help your small business

Outsourcing your design can save you money.

Say you need a graphic designer for your business, so you start collecting resumes and find the perfect fit. That new employee now requires their salary, employee benefits,  office space to work, computer hardware and software, which can add up to a lot of expenses. By using outsourced designers those expenses are avoided by only paying for the specific design services you require. 

Outsourcing your design can save you time.

Every minute you aren’t fighting with your social media is another minute you can focus on your core business activities - sales, making things, customer service, whatever that is. Something that takes you an hour may only take a designer a few minutes. Let us help you focus on what you do best. 

Outsourcing graphic design can give your business flexibility. 

Your graphic design needs might not be consistent month to month. Take our hospitality clients for example - design workload drastically increases in preparation for the Calgary Stampede. In August that demand slows down drastically. By utilizing external design services your business can scale up or down your design bills to reflect your demand, rather than having your in house designer making the same cash to work less in your slow months.

So if your business could use the flexibility, savings, and extra workday during your next project, let's book a coffee meeting and find out if onefortyfive is the right fit.