studio cong logo breaks the top 10


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We are excited to brag that Design Rush has named the Studio Cong logo one of the 10 Best Small Business Logo Designs That Attract Customers. We wanted to keep this one clean. When designing the monogram we took great care to provide several responsive options to maximize legibility. For more logo design tips, check out our article on what makes a good logo design. 

Here is an excerpt from the Design Rush article: 

When Conglam opened up his new tattoo studio he sought a new look to go with it - something that fits his personal aesthetic and tattooing approach - clean, minimal, and bold! oneFortyFive Design came up with exactly that, clean, symmetrical initials that creatively balance the tattoo aesthetics with something akin to sports heraldry, a constant push forward.

The logo simplifies the complex linework into a streamlined work of art. It calls to mind your typical tribal tattoo works of decades prior, but it carries a timeless appeal that is not going out of fashion any time soon.